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Platinum Polish

The GNG 65 Polish TunnelTM is a ground breaking new innovation developed by PECO in conjunction with our Distributor in Holland. This separate tunnel is designed to buff in a spray wax after the vehicle has gone through the wash tunnel. The result is an amazing shine.

With over a dozen polish tunnel installations in Holland & Belgium, PECO has become the leader of this exciting new evolution in car washing.

In principal, the concept is simple. Once a vehicle has gone through the wash tunnel with a special wax package, it is dried and a spray wax is applied at the polish tunnel. The vehicle then goes through the conveyorized polishing tunnel that is outfitted with specially designed polish cloth. While simple in theory, we have spent three years in the development process, designing several revisions to make sure the result is consistently shiny cars

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  • Wash passes
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Our Services

Bronze Wash – 7


Foam bath

Gentle clean cloth

High Pressure Rinse

Power Dry

Silver Wash – 11

Includes Basic Wash

Additional gentle clean cloth

Underbody rinse

Tri-foam with carnauba wax


Gold Wash – 14

Includes Silver Wash

Wheel & tire scrub

Mag-Chloride with bug remover (seasonal)

Turtle wax fire wax

Turtle wax ice full body protectant

Tire Dressed

Platinum Polish – 20

Includes Gold Wash

Free air freshener

Polish tunnel (second in the Nation)

Monthly Memberships


$23/month - unlimited washes


$28/month - unlimited washes


$35/month - unlimited washes

  • Polish Tunnnel

    2nd in the Nation 80' Polish Tunnel, "Home of the Showroom Shine"", Polish sprayed on by hand, Cashmere to buff the vehicle for that "Showroom Shine"

  • Vacuums

    24 Free Vacuums, Floor Mat Holders at each stall, Stalls have two vacuums to make it easy for reaching both sides of the vehicle

  • Express Services

    Vinyl Deep Clean and Condition, >Leather Clean and Condition, Shampoo Seats, Shampoo Carpet, Carnauba Wax, Hand Wash

  • Detail information

    Interior Detail, Complete Detail, Express Services, Engine Clean, Exterior Detail, Air Sanitizer

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